Your garage should be able to provide you with optimal efficiency, protection and ease of use.

Sumo Garage Doors is a professional garage door expert that strives to provide you with a seamless experience with your garage doors. From garage door installations and repairs to garage door opener services, we offer a professional hand that promises the best result and maximum satisfaction.

With 10 years of experience in this business, we have been able to form a team of expert technicians who boast an unmatched range of knowledge gained through years of handling several projects for thousands of satisfied clients.

Whether you are using an extension spring system or a torsion spring system, whether you need an installation or repair service or you would like to have a garage door opener installed for your garage, we have the right team for every project.

Sumo Garage Doors strives to ensure maximum satisfaction among clients. Thus, our technicians are of the highest level of professionalism and will provide the best skill set & know-how no matter the needs of your garage. We strive to understand your garage system to enable us to know its needs and provide the very best technicians for that project.


An Experienced Team

We are a team of professionals who have gathered experience through over 10 years of working experience in this business satisfying thousands of clients.

We come to work each day with the primary aim of helping our clients get a reliable garage system that promises safety, efficiency and durability.

Stay Safe

Per data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are troubling statistics of garage door accidents because of owners trying to repair or install themselves.

By using our service, you get to have a professional hand that is trained to achieve the best results with your safety in mind. You also get to save cost and avoid inferior products.

A Customized Approach

At Sumo Garage Doors, we believe that every property and its garage has a unique design and thus requires a unique approach. Therefore, we seek to understand your current garage system (if you have one) and your property to know the best service & procedure that applies to your needs.

This approach has helped us provide our clients with a much-improved quality of life.

Reliable Customer Service Team

We strive to provide swift response service delivery and maximum customer satisfaction. Thus, we have set up a competent customer service team that is always on hand to respond to any of your inquiries, requests and suggestions.

A garage door is meant to strike a perfect balance between beauty, ease of use, efficiency and security.

Let’s help you achieve this balance.

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