Garage Door Safety

Ever since homeowners started to use garage doors, there has been a reduction in burglary and robberies of expensive cars and hardware. Despite all the efforts which you put in selecting a garage door, it is essential to reinforce its safety as well. A garage door which lacks proper safety is equivalent to a jobless person. As with the progress of new technologies, advanced garage doors safety equipment has also emerged in the marketplace. Now, the question is, what kind of techniques shall you adopt to ensure garage door safety? Sumo Garage Doors brings the best tips for ensuring garage door safety:

Keep garage door opener in a safe place:

Most of the modern garage doors have smart locks. The remote-controlled garage doors come with a digital garage door opener. This remote is the key standing between garage door safety and threats. Therefore, special care shall be taken to ensure the safety of the garage door opener, such as:

  • Keep garage door opener away from children

  • Never leave garage door opener lying around in your vehicle or house

  • Do not compromise on garage door openers linked with your vehicles

  • If you are going on a vacation, install a modern garage door safety console which will render the garage door opener control temporarily useless

Install high-quality safety sensors:

New safety solutions have led to the creation of enhanced garage door safety sensors. These sensors are mostly based on the thermal or radiation fluctuations within a specific range of garage door perimeter. Faulty safety sensors will not only allow unauthorized access to your garage but also compromise the safety of your home. Here is a simple trick to check whether the safety sensors are working or not:

  • Take a 2 x 4 cardboard and place it in the path of your garage door

  • Upon getting in contact with the cardboard, if the door does not reverse automatically, it faults it

  • In such cases, safety sensors shall be changed by garage door safety experts at Sumo Garage Doors. 

  • Garage doors who haven’t replaced since 1993 need special attention in this regard. 

Routinely check safety cables:

Another common issue with old garage doors is the improper functioning of safety cables. Safety cables are the system which helps in creating a barrier between your garages interior and exterior to prevent breaches. 

  • Make visual inspections of garage door every month

  • Take a keen look at the safety cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers 

  • If any fault is located, NEVER attempt to correct it by your own

  • Call Sumo Garage Doors safety experts to send skilled repairers who will fix the issue.

Update the access codes:

If you have installed an access code based garage door opener, you will need to take special care of the access codes. Most of these systems have default access codes set by the manufacturer. 

  • Switch to rolling-code technology which will reset the access code every time you open the door

  • Invest in newer models to update the access codes from time to time.

Consult garage door repair experts to get rid of vulnerabilities:

The internet and your neighborhood might be filled with tons of DIY ways to fix your garage door opener and its safety. However, it is not recommended to set on a goose chase for doing something you are not good at. Call the garage doors safety experts at Sumo Garage Doors for proper garage door safety inspection. We will not only evaluate your garage door openers, safety cables, and safety sensors but also offer expert consultation to let you reinforce your garage door security. 

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