Your garage door uses a spring system. Garage door springs, whether Extension springs or Torsion Springs, are designed to help provide the needed force which allows more comfortable use of that heavy overhead door.  

A well-installed garage door springs system that performs well will allow simple opening of your garage door, whether residential or heavy duty commercial overhead doors, with a simple push.

No matter the spring system used, any garage door springs that have been well installed for the right door will perform effortlessly for many years, if the spring and other parts of the garage are maintained consistently, say 3-6months interval.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have an accidental snap or unexpected damage to these springs.

So, how do you handle cases like this?

There are two main types of Garage Door Spring System used in New York. So, we will be discussing some of the best ways to handle/repair your garage door when it snaps. However, no matter the system you use, the best and first approach to take is to stop using the garage door.

For a specific approach to handling each garage door spring system available, read below:

Extension Springs: Here, the springs are mounted above the tracks by the sides of the door. To know if your garage door uses this spring system, check your garage door system and try to find if the springs are installed as we said and paralleled to the door track.

Usually used for lighter doors like single garage doors, this system makes use of two springs (one to a side). However, there is also some door system that makes use of 4 springs, meaning two springs to a side. Therefore, repairing a broken garage door of this type should not be a complicated task for a skilled professional.

With years of experience handling projects like this in New York, our expert technicians have developed the needed skill and know-how to ensure the best result possible with this type of garage door spring system.

We know the most popular extension springs used around the area and thus carry them with us whenever you request for our service. Hence, you are getting a professional hand with speedy garage door repair service.

Torsion Springs: usually installed on heavy garage doors, Torsion Springs system sees the springs positioned at the top of the garage door. You could confirm this by checking your garage door to see if the springs are located at the top, placed around the centre and wrapped around a shaft. If so, then that’s a Torsion Spring System.

Although used primarily for commercial garage doors, these garage door springs come in several sizes. Thus, our team tries to go to your property with as many sizes as possible.

Unlike the Extension Springs which needs a safety cable when the springs break, Torsion cables cannot use one. The best you could do is to be very careful when using the door. However, we advise that you stop using the door totally, pending your garage door repair.

So, whether using an extension spring or a torsion spring, if you have a snapped spring or if your garage door gets out of its track, stop using the garage door immediately as it can be dangerous and very deadly.

Instead, call for the service of a professional garage door repair service.

We provide the most professional hands in garage door repair, no matter the needs or specifications of your garage door. Our skilled professionals will come to your property with the most effective tools while boasting the required training, experience and know-how needed for professional service delivery.

We are a company that strives to provide the most professional service possible while ensuring a safe and professional experience. Our service delivery is built around an honest, transparent and innovative culture that fosters growth and reliability.

We provide the best garage door repair service you can find around with zero hidden charges.

You garage doors are meant to provide ease and security for both you and your car. If it has any issues at all, hiring a professional hand can help bring back its real value.

So, contact us today to restore the efficiency of your garage doors. 

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