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When it comes to garage doors, you want one that is going to match the aesthetic of your home or business. It is one of the first things you or your visitors see as they pull up. Applying customized garage doors to your estate can make your business or home more inviting and welcoming, as well as, set you apart from your neighbors.

Having a unique garage door will make you feel proud of your home while increasing the value of it as well. Year after year, replacing the garage door is one of the top home improvement projects for return on investment. Purchasing a new garage door for your home is an excellent investment and we’ve made it even easier to find the perfect door.

Here at Sumo Garage Doors we make the process easy and simple. Let Sumo Garage Doors assist you in getting the best garage door for your house, today.

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The Sumo Garage Doors Difference

A well-done garage door installation will make use of a door spring system that performs well and allow simple opening of your garage door, whether residential or heavy duty commercial overhead doors, with a simple push.

No matter the spring system used or type of garage door installed, any garage door springs that have been well installed for the right door will perform effortlessly for many years, if the spring and other parts of the garage are maintained consistently, say 3-6 months interval.

At Sumo, Garage Doors, we believe your garage door installation, whether it’s a replacement or new installation project, should carry two essential features- the best garage door parts from trusted and verified part manufacturers around and a skilled technician that boasts the needed experience for optimal results no matter the scope of the project- whether residential or commercial. 

Hence, we provide the most professional garage door installation service you can find in the whole of New York. To achieve this, we only send you the best garage door parts that have been tested to maintain their efficiency over time, and a professional technician who has been proven to have the needed skills to achieve the best results.

Our professional technicians are skilled and well trained to assure professionalism and optimal safety during your garage door installation process. Combined with years of experience in this industry, we promise the best experience with the garage door we build for you. 


We carry a variety of brand, such as: Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors & Hörmann Garage Doors


From Aluminum to Wood, we feature a variety of Garage Door Materials

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