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Garage Door Brands

Below you will see the brands we feature, and some of their respective garage door selections

Hörmann Garage Doors


Orion Collection

All Around Best Value -Versatile-

Looking for a versatile door that offers safety, durability and efficiency? Look no further. 

Hörmann Garage Doors come with has a variety of residential garage doors to choose from. This garage door not only offers durability but also safety and efficiency. With the insulating polystyrene core, your energy savings will boost and your garage door will operate smoothly and quietly. 

To help provide years of quiet operation and reliability, our nylon rollers feature 11 pre-lubed ball bearings encased in a high strength steel casing.

To offer maximum protection from outside elements and to help with insulation, there are between section weather seals as well as side seals. The bottom weather seal will keep out wind, rain, debris and other elements. 


Polaris Collection

Prestigious Beauty -Pristine-

Hörmann Polaris Collection series doors are constructed from a fine selection of real wood handcrafted with careful attention to detail to provide a durable, prestigious and long lasting quality door. Natural wood offers a distinctive and unique grain texture that will give your home a special appeal.  Choose from a wide selection of standard designs or create your own look from a simple yet elegant E-Series or the more sophisticated C-series.

Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

Appearance is often the top priority for homeowners when choosing a garage door. Garage doors often take up a significant portion of the house’s exterior and choosing the right garage door can have an immediate impact your home’s curb appeal.

There are many different materials, designs and windows to choose from. Wayne-Dalton offers a variety of steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, & wood garage doors. They also feature a wide range of paint and stain options to complement whichever style you choose. When thinking about the color of your garage door, consider if you want the garage door to match the siding, trim or shutters on your house.